One-To-One Meetings aka “Study Buddy” time together


God has given us his Word but also each other. We are able to learn from each other, to be challenged and spurred on by each other, and to pray for each other.

This one-to-one component brings these two gifts of God together in a simple and powerful way: two people reading the Bible together, helping each other to see what God is saying there, and praying for each other that you will obey what you hear.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you make the most of your one-to-one meetings:

  1. Find a mutually convenient time that you can use as your regular meeting time for the duration of school year women’s bible study- over breakfast, lunchtime, after work, Sunday afternoons, or whenever.
  2. There is no preparation to be done before you get together. There is no formal homework, but you will do your study together.
  3. There is no leader. You are just two people getting together to help each other learn from the Bible.
  4. Try to keep your meeting under an hour. Here’s a suggested time frame for each of your meetings:

5 mins: chat, get a cuppa, talk about how you are going.

10 mins: share one thing each that you’d like to give thanks for, and then one thing              you’d like to pray for. Then pray together. If you meet together in a place where                      praying feels awkward, try to find a better place! If that’s not possible, then just keep            your prayers brief, and commit to pray for each other later on your own.

30 mins: read the passages together  and then talk through, answer questions, and how it applies to your lives.

5 mins: finish with prayer arising from the passage.

  1. Have conversations, not monologues. The idea is to hear what God is saying in the Bible. Try to avoid giving your opinions at length, or getting on to your hobbyhorses.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you notice something that you don’t understand or doesn’t make sense, don’t gloss over it. Focus in on it. See if you can answer it by looking more closely, especially at the rest of the passage.
  3. For some of you, meeting one-to-one to read the Bible will be a new experience. To make it as simple as possible, the studies are provided for you. It would be a good idea to use the same Bible translation to make it easier for you. Don’t feel limited or constrained by the questions. They are there to stimulate your discussion together about the passage.

We hope this experience in reading the bible and praying together will help you to build up and encourage one another in your journeys of faith in Christ as you study together.