The notes from Sharon’s sharing with us last Monday are on this blog under the Genesis study heading. I would encourage you to read again if you were there, and to read if you were not able to be there or zoom in. Lots of wonderful truths to ruminate and soak in!

Our second GENESIS study will be out soon! So watch this space! Let us continue to pray for one another as we learn about God; that it will change us from the inside out!


ROMANS 1:20 is referred to in our first study buddy questions to begin our awesome Bible Study for this school calendar year. It says to us that “since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.” NIV The creation story of Genesis has truths to teach us about the character of God, about us, and about Jesus!

Praying and cheering you all on as you get together with your study buddy to ponder God’s revelation of Himself! (if you don’t yet have a study buddy, contact Anne Holmes).

Monday, 28 September is our first meeting! Please click on the following link and it will take you to register a place!

Lots of love,

Women’s Ministry Team



We’re going to be studying Geneiss together, looking back to grasp how God has loved us from the very beginning; he has always planned to rescue us and bring us back home to him.

Genesis has 50 chapters ( ) so we are not going to be able to study each of them in depth!

Each month, there will be a larger section suggested for personal reading and then a particular episode or passage for you to focus in on with your study buddy.

The best way to approach the study will be to read the whole larger section by yourself at home in advance, then zoom in to the shorter passage when you meet your study buddy.

This way, you will get a feel for whole sweep of God’s plan across several chapters and then also appreciate God’s work in the detail of everyday human lives as you study together.

Praying that God will reassure you of his unconditional and undeserved love as you read Genesis with me,

Every blessing



Hi sisters!

Just to let you know that the first bible study is available now!

Click on 2020-2021 Bible Study Genesis: In The Beginning, God!

Please contact Anne Holmes or Vicky Kelly if you need a study buddy. Also keep a look out for information in the notices by Tim for sign up for the study night on 28 September.

We hope you will join us! We are excited and praying for our journey with God and each other in Genesis!

With lots of love and cheering you on,

CBC women’s team