Hi sisters! Praying your February bible study with your study buddy is going well….that there is rich insight and discussion.

The following is a quote by Paul Tripp to consider when looking towards the  24 February Group time of friendship and feeding on Colossians 2:9-23:



vicky kelly

Victoria Kelly, contributor for today’s blog post

Since studying Colossians I can’t help but be reminded of ‘being rooted’ every time I see trees. As we live in Wiltshire, this is a frequent, daily reminder.

The storm was pretty intense on Sunday (and it’s still having a good go today!). Our sandpit lid had been flying around like a tin can, so come Monday morning I cautiously hit the roads expecting to see trees uplifted and blown over. Actually, I was met with a fairly normal looking scene. Sure there were more branches on the ground, but the trees I expected to see snapped and scattered, stood tall and strong (albeit a little sway-ey when the odd gust came about).

Once again I was reminded of our key bible verse for this year: ‘So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.’ Colossians 2:6‭-‬7

The trees that remain standing after the storm, were only able to be ‘built up’ because their roots were deep and firm in the ground. The storm had been fierce, aggressive in fact. The evidence of the storm was that they were possibly a little pruned after losing a twig or maybe a branch, but the amazing truth was that they still stood sturdy and rooted.

I of course turned back to that key verse, recognising just how important it is to remain firm in God’s word. To be so truly rooted that whatever ‘storm’ big or small comes our way, we will not moved. We can stand assured, confident in Jesus and his blessed gift of salvation, being covered in grace, with endless pourings of mercy. Yes, we can even dance in the storm, swaying and swinging our branches because we are so thankful for the clothing of righteousness we have been given when Jesus died for us on the cross, enabling us to be right with God once more.

Yes, I want to be one of those trees: with roots that are thick, deep and firm in God’s word; unshifting in times of trial; and steadfast in Him during the daily routines of life.

I’m praying this for my life and also for you all too ladies.