LESLEY NEW PHOTOMy lovely sisters, please don’t let this most wonderful time of year be your most stressed, getting in debt, losing the plot and getting indigestion time of year! Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. Don’t let your ‘HO, HO, HO!’ turn into ‘OH, PLEASE NO!’…………
Christmas is absolutely not about frantically buying things we don’t need and often can’t afford. It’s not about stressing morning ‘til night over complicated menus, a perfectly decorated tree, exquisitely wrapped gifts or being the world’s best hostess.
This time of year is an opportunity to fill our eyes with wonder, our homes with love and laughter and our souls with gratitude and praise. Amid all the busy-ness let’s remember what this season is all about. There would be no Christmas celebrations at all, had our loving Father not sent his beloved Son into this sin-sick world to be our Saviour.
lesley christmas thoughtsSo this year, let’s refuse to make it complicated. Take the pressure off yourselves, ladies. Over the years I’ve found it’s been the simplest, least expensive things that have made the most precious memories. Don’t give in to feelings of inadequacy and panic. Don’t stress over long lists of things that don’t matter. Instead think of the little ways in which you can easily express love and enjoy being together. If you do, I guarantee your family, your friends and your own well-being will be very, very blessed!


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