“But He gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: ‘God opposes the proud, but shows favour to the humble.’” James 4:6

I have been studying Scripture which teaches about being ‘TRAINED BY GOD’S GRACE’ in preparation for the upcoming Women’s Bible Study which is this coming Monday, 29 January at 7:30 in the CBC church hall.

There is precious treasure for our growth and maturity in Christ as we learn to embrace the truths of God’s gospel grace-comfort, hope, promise, purpose, peace, and enabling of God’s Holy Spirit for true followers of Christ.

Of course, there is a tension, as we know that we are ‘already’ redeemed but ‘not yet’ fully restored until we are with Christ in glory. What is this tension? It is the remaining sin in our lives that God, who through His grace, will “put to death” as we grow in Christ.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t want to put my rebellious sinful heart issues to death…at least not all the time. I too easily put myself on the throne of my life because of my pride and listening to the lies of Satan and the world around me. What to do? I am learning that I must keep the gospel of God’s grace before me at all times. Not only to remind me of its truths, but that I will cooperate with the Holy Spirit in enabling me to daily surrender my heart and life to God….every day. It always come down to a heart issue.

I was recently challenged in one of my devotional books, this one by Paul Tripp, New Morning Mercies, with the following questions: ‘ What do we really want out of life? What do we really want from God? Do we really esteem his work of grace? Do we really admit how much we need his moment-by-moment rescue? Do we value his forgiveness? Do we really care to be transformed? Are we concerned about the character of our hearts and the condition of our souls? Do we have any interest in being holy as He is holy? All these questions boil down to one question: Do we value God’s grace, or would we rather have comfortable lives- nice houses, cars, vacations, cuisine, and friends?’
GIVES MORE GRACELet’s truly contemplate His saving, redemptive, life-changing, sustaining, transforming grace— JESUS, who leads us on this narrow, counter-cultural path to glory.
You know, to get real and humble ourselves with our Lord and be honest with ourselves can be daunting and maybe painful…but you know, there is God’s grace for that as well! And when we humble ourselves before the Lord, then He will lift us up.

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