Things we need to be reminded about

Experiencing God’s grace leads to living a good life – a life lived for God’s glory and the benefit of others. Christine reminded us in the last study of how God’s grace is the engine for all of our Christian life, past, present and future. This belief in God’s grace as saving and training enables us to give a good life. Belief leads to behaviour. In these next verses, Paul shows us what sort of behaviour flows out of this belief in grace.

Key passage: “These, then, are the things you should teach….Remind the people…”
Titus 2:15 and 3:1-2

1. What are “these things” that should Titus be teaching? Look back at Titus chapters 1+2 and summarise the main points every Christian needs to hear from these passages:

Titus 1:1-4

Titus 1:5-16

Titus 2:1-10

Titus 2:11-14

READ Titus 2:10 and Titus 3:1-2
2. If you were to behave in the way described in Titus 3:1-2, how would this “make the Gospel attractive” (Titus 2:10) to the world around you?

READ Romans 13:1-7
3. a) What reasons does the Bible give for respecting authority?

b) What rulers and authorities are you subject to?

c) What kind of things do you say about them to your friends and family?

d) How does this fit in with God’s command “to be subject to” them and to “respect”

e) Does your attitude to people in authority reflect God’s glory or your own self-

READ Acts 5:17-29
4. What are the exceptional circumstances in which the Apostles do not obey the authorities?

NB: This is the exception. We cannot just wheel out Acts 5:29 whenever we don’t like what someone in authority says or does. This exception is there to show God’s glory and put him first. A lot of our grumbling might in reality be self-centred, not God-centred…

READ Titus 3:1-2
5. Titus chapter 3 begins, “Remind the people…” We need reminding because we forget!
What things can cause you to forget to be “ready to do what is good”? What practical ways can we help each other to remember?

Adoration: Praise God for being a good ruler and authoritative King
Confess: attitudes and actions out of line with people being trained by grace
Thanks: Thank God for those in authority over us. Thank God for His sovereignty
Supplicate: Ask God to grant leaders in the church and in the world His wisdom and to draw them to himself, that they too would be saved and trained by His grace