Today, the USA is celebrating its national holiday, Thanksgiving. This tradition is full of food, American football and Thanksgiving Day Parades that can be watched on the telly ALL. DAY. It gives Americans a long weekend off work and school. It is really lovely.  There is the sentiment of being thankful for friends, family, and freedom.

I too, am thankful for friends, family, and freedom. But who are we thankful to?

maxresdefaultIn this year’s bible study, we are considering God’s grace –Christ’s redeeming love in action in our undeserving lives. So I just want to pause and reflect to give thanks as a Christian, who just happens to be an American living in Britain, for God’s saving and sustaining grace. Will you pray with me?

11.23graceofgod“Thank you God, my heavenly Father, for your AMAZING Gospel which is the Good News of Christ. Thank you for stooping down to this sinner with your love and care by giving me Jesus every day of my life; through the many channels You choose to use- my friends, family, church family, and so much more.  Thank You too, for the trials and challenges you have brought to me. I know You are teaching me to live in the deep assurance and knowledge of where my hope, confidence, reliance, and strength lie. May I be an echo of the grace of God in Christ to those around me.” Amen



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