Spring floral background - abstract nature concept with blue skyThis prayer is one that Paul prayed for the Ephesian Christians and is one we would be wise to pray for each other. The fact that he prayed for Christ to be at home in their hearts reveals that our hearts are prone to wander; we can get bogged down by life and all of its demands and temptations. We can push Christ out of our hearts. As Paul prayed,  we need to ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen us to have power to make godly choices and to trust in God. As we grow in our journey with God and our roots grow deep, the realization of His love for us will also grow, especially when we pray this for each other! The more I grow in the grace of our Lord, the more I realize what a wretch I am apart from Him. Christ RESCUED me because of His amazing love and grace.

Do you know the height, the depth, the length, and the wideness of His love for you? Begin to pray  this prayer for yourself, for your loved ones and your friends in Christ. I will also pray this for you sister. Will you pray this prayer for me? Sisters, when we pray for each other with sincere hearts in this way, God will reveal His love to us more each day!

Next week is our bible study on 30 January at 7:30 in the Church Hall. Hope to see you there!

Kathy x

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