In this prayer that Jesus prays for Peter, Jesus knows the spiritual battle that is going on. But Peter is clueless as he thinks he can stand against the enemy with his own resolve. As we know, Peter will deny Christ. He WILL fail. But Peter will turn again. In other words, Peter repents! He recovers and perseveres in his service for the Lord. Peter goes on to strengthen his brothers as we read in Acts.

The Lord knew Peter would deny him, yet Christ CHOSE Peter. What was true for Peter is true for us. The Lord chose us knowing every sin that we would commit. His amazing grace should move us to repent and turn back to Him when we fail Him. God often uses our failures to teach us some lessons we will not learn any other way. Our failures drive us to trust more fully in the Lord’s strength and purposes in our lives.

Know that there is a spiritual battle going on. But also know that Christ is ever interceding on our behalf!  (Hebrews 7:25) Isn’t that comforting?! And, He has given us everything we need for life and godliness. One of the gifts He has given us is each other. Let us follow Jesus’ example of what and how He prayed for Peter.   Let us stand shoulder to shoulder praying for one another in this way. Let’s remind each other of God’s amazing grace for us and our need for Him to be in the driver’s seat.  Let’s confess our sins to one another; to help each other keep short accounts with God; to pick each other up when we fail; to help each other to persevere in our journey with Jesus.

Let’s thank God that when we fail Him, His brilliant grace points the way back and shines through, giving us hope.

Praying for you sister blogger; that your faith may not fail; that you will repent to our Lord God when your heart wanders; and in so doing comfort and strengthen those around you with the love and hope of Jesus. Will you also pray for me? This one anothering thing….amazing.

Kathy xo

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