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Happy New Year my fellow journeyers in Christ!

Throughout our Christmas break, I have been pondering and praying for you; for me. And now that it is the beginning of 2017, I am considering the fruit of “one anothering” in our women’s group, church community life, life groups… Do we really truly consider our “one anothering” in love, encouragement, and forgiveness as God’s gift to us for our growth in Christ? Or are we just ‘plugging along with doubtful hearts, burdened down by life; so how can I give any more at church?!’

If you feel the latter, I understand the tendency to have this perspective.  I have been there….many times. I can try to visualize many of your lives with children and/or teenagers with the task of just getting them off to school, not to mention the tons of other intricate details of raising children. There are some of you who have work burdens, and trying to make financial ends meet from week to week. There are some of you who are caring for an ill loved one or struggling with illness yourself. There are many of you who are a single parent. I have been there. Unlimited challenges. Single girls? A whole other set of challenges.

But girls, that is why we need each other! That is why God has shown us in Scripture time and again that we are to cling to our church community! (Acts 2:42-47)We are not to live independently and isolated as our world screams at us to do. We are to be counter cultural, living in community with each other, one anothering in a way that we are Jesus’s hands and feet to each other.

Each month, we are reminded of the three aspects of one anothering:

  1. PERSONAL: as God matures our character into Christ’s likeness more every day. Is this happening in your life more and more?

2.CHURCH: building each other up in the body of Christ. Do we see this in our church               community ethos more and more?

  1. WITNESS: as the world around us sees the light of Christ in our lives together. Do you consider how you live your life within the church community as a shining star; a light on the hill for the wider Corsham community to see?

This month, we consider the command, PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER. Okay. Hmmm. Do I see  shaking of heads? Do I hear an echo of “Been there done that-Doesn’t work-Too busy- Too tired- Too difficult- Can’t really concentrate on that in my season of life?”

Now before you get jettisoned away by all of those SERPANT lies, let me speak the loving truth to you.

Praying for one another is a command. Praying for one another is all throughout Scripture. Praying for one another is modelled by our Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul, among many others. Praying is a lifestyle, not an event. Yes, we are busy and tired. Yes, it can be difficult. But let me ask us, “Why would it be a command, a model, and all through Scripture, if it were a burden to be endured and a rule to be broken?  The answer is because it isn’t! Prayer is the communicative conduit to relationship with God; an awesome wonder, a privilege, the way to get to know and understand our Creator God, Jesus our Rescuer, and precious, indwelling Holy Spirit more every day. And it is a huge part of our lives together to be able to do this “one anothering” thing in the first place.

pray-for-one-another-copyThus, PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER is our next Bible study. We will address many of these challenges. We will consider what Scripture teaches, why it is important personally and in the life of the church. We will consider what talking with our God looks like; which will no doubt be different with each of us.

I am so thankful for each of you blog sister. I pray for you. I will continue to pray that Christ will be stirred up in your heart and His love will fill up to overflowing in you to others in 2017! Yes, we can do this one anothering thing! It is for our good and His glory!


  1. Hi Kathy I am looking forward to coming to the ladies study group this year I hope to come with my friend Christine

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