Kathy Larkman

Kathy Larkman

Hi girlfriends!

As most of you know, I have been on a whirlwind trip to visit my family in USA the last three weeks. It was a blessing to visit with them all! Thank you for your prayers. God is faithful and true. AND, it is so good to be home again and to serve my Lord here where I know He has placed me.

In this blog post, we continue with the brief revisiting of our Bible Study series: The Way of Wisdom: Choices with a Gospel Mindset.

Our focus in study three was ‘Establishing a Pattern of Wisdom in Our Choices’.  We must be intentional and to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. To maintain and grow in this pattern of wisdom is a lifelong journey.

Much of our study focused on James 1 and 3 where we considered what it looks like to establish patterns of wisdom in our choices. We considered three areas:

  1. Seek Biblical truth. Ask yourself: Have I been reading and applying God’s word to my life?
  2. Pray, Pray, and pray some more. Ask yourself: Have I been communicating with God through prayer and scripture?
  3. Intentionally PRACTICE in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. Ask yourself: Have I been putting my heart and mind in places where wisdom gathers and grows?

Wise choices will more likely to happen when we can say yes to all three questions. Wise choices bear wisdom fruit over time.

Study four continued on in the same direction with ‘Unlocking Wisdom in the Everyday Places.’ It is as we prayerfully seek the mind of Christ in the daily choices of everyday life that the Holy Spirit unlocks for us the riches of God’s wisdom. We must proactively practice wisdom from the firm foundation of the Gospel. Wisdom will rise over time as we persevere, producing discernment, insight and maturity. We studied scripture in Psalm 119, 1 John 4, 1 Thess. 5, and Philippians 1 to consider what this looks like as growing Christians. Tim Challies: “Mature Christians will differentiate between what is pleasing to God and what is not, between what is consistent with scripture and what is not. There can be no growth without discernment.” Spiritual maturity is closely tied to discernment. There are no Christians who are mature but undiscerning. The solid food in God’s Word is for those who are mature, who through constant use have the skill to recognize the difference between truth and error, right and wrong, best from good. The Bible cries out repeatedly for us to grow in discernment to make us alive, growing and mature.

We don’t have to complicate our everyday choices WITH our messiness, but IN our messy lives we can simply focus on the SOURCE of all wisdom. Following Jesus is not a check list, but a daily choice. It is on this foundation we will grow slowly wise. Our Creator God of love, our God who is all wise and merciful, knows what we need. He longs to give us Biblical love and wisdom which produces discernment and insight, which then will make us mature. He longs to give us HIS peace through Jesus. He longs to give us a hope and future.

Are you allowing Father, Son and Holy Spirit to use the everyday places in your life to expose and refine you, to mould you, to teach and grow you, to chip off the rough edges? Do you see a pattern of wisdom coming alive? Talk to the Lord about it.



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