Kathy Larkman

Kathy Larkman

Praying today that you all will have a blessed week as you serve our Lord in your daily lives. We are near the end of our studies with Way of Wisdom: Choices with a Gospel mindset.  The study this month is titled, ‘Entrusting the Outcome of Our Decisions to God’. Although we are not meeting specifically for this bible study, I encourage you to do it with your study buddy. Hard copies are available at the church or the study is also available under the heading ‘Bible Study Questions and Notes’ on this blog site.

In order to practice the way of wisdom with our big decisions as well as our day to day choices, we have to set our sights on growing our faith, not worrying about failing to make the right decisions. As we think it through, along with prayer, we must trust God with the outcome.So I pray this study will encourage and challenge you as you make choices with a Gospel mindset.

So let us continue to spur one another on in our faith; let us pray for one another Proverbs 3:5,6 this week:

“ Lord, help us to trust in you with ALL our heart, not depending on our own limited understanding. Help us to seek you in ALL we do. Help us to know that when we follow your Word and your ways, you will make our paths straight. Thank you lord, Amen.”



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