Pam Mitchell, contributor for today’s post

Do you recognize what you are good at and accept these things as a gift from God to be used by Him? At the same time are you ever tempted to think that perhaps your gifting can supersede the plans of God and do a better job for Him and even save Him the trouble?  I am guilty of this at times!  I am a good planner and organizer by the grace of God and I have been known to mentally bring something to Him in prayer and then start planning how He could bring it to pass! The trouble with this thinking is that nearly always God has another way to deal with my prayer request!! I then begin to realize that He can manage on His own without my intervention or interference!

On reading 2Kings ch5 v 1-26, which tells the story of Naaman and his leprosy I have these thoughts:

Naaman’s flesh was horrible to look at and prevented him from mixing with society. This disease would most likely be a progressive thing gradually destroying the flesh of his body. No cure was known. It was amazing how God worked through a captured slave girl from Israel. She had heard the good news about a prophet man called Elijah; she could easily have been bitter about her slave situation and even secretly delighted in her captor’s suffering and said nothing. But she spread the good news to Naaman. He believed her and made the journey to see the prophet. While travelling he must have been thinking of this great man of God and imagining how he would touch and heal Naaman or some dramatic demonstration of his power. Instead when the man of God heard of Naaman’s arrival he didn’t even show his face but instead sent him instructions to go and bathe seven times in the River Jordan. This was not what Naaman1333Naaman expected and he was enraged and would have walked away if it were not for his trusted servants who were able to calm him and persuade him to obey the man of God. Naaman was obedient. Not only was he healed but his skin was as a new born babe.

How often do we come to the Great Prophet with a request and not heed His instructions, thinking we know better?

Isaiah 53 v 7-8 tells us that “My ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts your thoughts says the Lord” If we choose to follow His ways and obey then we have the promise in verse 12 of this chapter “You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace”.

I am still learning this lesson and maybe one day I will get it right first time!

Jesus in the Garden prayed for the cup of suffering to be taken from Him, but then said “nevertheless not my will but Yours O Lord”. God’s way is always the best! We can trust Him in this. So let us learn to pray in Jesus’ Name and according to the will of God.



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