Kathy Larkman

Kathy Larkman, contributor of today’s blog post

“Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.” Proverbs 19:20

We have a saying around our house taken from the 1960’s and 70’s sitcom, Dad’s Army. No, it is NOT “You stupid boy!” Actually, it is “Do you think that’s wise?” Many times Sergeant Wilson would ask this of Captain Mainwaring when the Captain was conjuring up some harebrained scheme. (American friends, check it out on You Tube.)  Although our household doesn’t really have any harebrained schemes, (well not that I can think of at the moment) I am often challenged by this question from my loved ones when I am not thinking ahead to the possible consequences of my actions: when I have a cup of caffeinated coffee at 9 pm; when I have a tall cool refreshment close to my computer in knocking over range; when I chalk paint in my “good clothes”; when I order a plant online without reading the small print, and receive a TREE; when I go dsc06227outside in the rain wearing my slippers; the list is endless! Not until I have to buy new slippers (because my old ones are soggy and worn before their time) do I face the music!

These instances certainly display my sense of the ridiculous at times! But, if I am completely honest, these seemingly trivial snapshots reveal my heart – my lazy, rebellious, self-indulgent heart.  Wisdom says, “Put on my crocs!” “Follow Ed’s advice!” “Say no to something which isn’t good for me,” but my sinful heart pulls me away.

In my daily life, if I am to grow in this process of making choices with a Gospel mindset, then I must make a conscious effort to choose the way of wisdom in my thinking which then translates into my actions. This only works if it comes from my heart!  I have to CHOOSE to follow the Lord, not just my salvation decision, but with my daily choices.  Wisdom and folly (foolishness) both want to control my life, and I have to make a daily choice which one will. And heeding wise advice is one way Christ speaks into my life the way of wisdom.

Have you ever been given wise advice that down deep you KNOW was the way to go, but your heart was pulling you away from God?  Girl, I have, and more times than I have fingers and toes.  And it isn’t just the times Eddie has warned me about my soggy slippers.  The consequences were much uglier, painful, and unnecessary had I clung to Christ instead of pulling away from wise counsel that God graciously laid before me.

Sisters, is there a situation in your life where you need wise counsel and instruction? Prayerfully seek them out. This is one of the ways God equips you to know the way of wisdom in your choices.
And then let us encourage and pray for one another for our hearts to stay soft and proverbs19.20teachable in order to actually go the way of wisdom when we are given wise advice and instruction.

And please, you have my permission to remind me to put on my crocs before I go outside!

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